Adventures in the "Not-so-newlywed" game.

 The “Not-so-newlywed game” is a parody of long extinct TV game show with a similar name. Several couples of different age groups are put on stage and separately asked questions to see how well they know their spouse. Unlike the TV show, couples onboard a cruise are ideally long married. Playing to a typically adult audience cruise directors have made an institution of the hilarity of couples seemingly unafraid to do or say anything in front of hundreds of complete strangers. Of all these organic moments of entertainment on a cruise the Not-so-newlywed game is always a must to see.

My contribution to the Royal Caribbean Fan blog today are these few moments where couples from the audience attempt to out-do each other for the chance to embarrass themselves on stage. Enjoy!

Mannequin Challenge on Explorer of the Seas!

Hotel Director Michael Rasmussen captured this gem of a moment aboard the Explorer of the Seas as 981 guests and crew froze for 3 minutes in an epic Mannequin Challenge.

Captain Cave Innovation!

The Innovation Lab is a new facility noted on Cruise Aficionados previously.  It is a state of the art research and design center for Royal Caribbean designed to aid it in keeping pace within an increasingly aggressive industry.  Royal Caribbean released this video giving an overview of the structure.